for Doradcy Energetyczni

Doradcy Energetyczni is the largest company in Poland dedicated to obtaining the cheapest energy for consumers and businesses. It has been operating on the market since 2013, providing consulting services for optimizing costs related to energy consumption.

We begin our activities for Doradcy Energetyczni with the necessary design and coding of a new website. Clarity in the communication of an attractive offer and the speed of the site are key elements to increase the conversion rate - and this is what we focus on. The site was enriched with content for a blog, which will support the planned SEO activities aimed at gaining high long-tail positions.

We also use contact forms on FB and relevant extensions in Google Ads to obtain contact information from potential customers. We segment campaigns based on selected geographic areas, and for targeting we use lookalike groups based on uploaded customer base and events recorded by the pixel on the page. The CallPage widget plugged into the website also increases our CVR and allows us to achieve the customer's target.