for Ewl Group

EWL Group is an employment agency that combines research on labor migration with the creation of modern technological solutions in the field of recruitment. They offer employee leasing, process and function outsourcing, permanent recruitment or employment legalization.

At EWL, we are responsible for all areas of lead gen - B2C as well as B2B. B2C campaigns are focused on acquiring quality applications due to the generally high rate of missed calls from leads and the high turnover of temporary employees at workplaces. Acquisition channels are Google Ads and all social media, including TikTok Ads and VIber Ads due to its popularity in Ukraine.

Retention will be competed for by a mobile app with up-to-date job listings plotted on a map of Poland and a built-in ability to send an application and chat with a returner.

B2B campaigns will be narrowed down to the best converting Google channels and Bing Ads with a supporting role for LinkedIn Ads and a native form format.