for Fjordd

FJORDD is a manufacturer of luxury bathtubs and washbasins that combine harmonious, timeless design with exceptional ergonomics and comfort. The brand was inspired by Scandinavian fjords, and the products are made of an innovative material - stone composite AQUASTONE.

The decision-making process of choosing freestanding bathtubs and sinks is longer than in classic ecommerce, hence the main axis of the campaign is well-converting and extensive remarketing. To feed it with appropriately quality users, we optimize campaigns for micro-conversions like session length + number of page views during a visit. In addition to the standard media mix in the form of Google and Facebook Ads, we added advertising on Pinterest, where the home decor category is one of the most popular. We target people there on a similar basis as in Google Ads, that is, based on keywords and expressed intent. The remarketing itself, in turn, is stretched to 90 days to extend the window for a potential purchase.