for FutureMind

FutureMind is one of the leading companies offering consulting services and providing solutions in the digital economy. They specialize in digital strategy, UX research, product design, mobile and web application development, IoT development, cloud services and zero-interface commerce.

FutureMind's goal is a stronger expansion of service sales in foreign markets. We have chosen the Middle East, Benelux and the UK as our main focus for the test lead gen campaign. We are testing the conversion rate of both advertising channels (Google Ads and Bing Ads, social media Facebook and LinkedIn Ads) and landing pages (dedicated pages for key phrases and native forms). We place a strong emphasis on the speed of establishing contact (here we are assisted by the CallPage widget) as well as the % of phone calls answered (here we are assisted by sending SMS immediately after leaving data with the help of SMSAPI integration).

The lead gen campaign is also accompanied by extensive distribution of valuable ebooks.