for 'Nauka To Lubię'

Nauka To Lubię is a popular science website that publishes articles, videos and podcasts related to science and education. Here you will find a variety of topics, from history and technology, space and Earth, to health and life. All given in an accessible and interesting way by the well-known, respected and well-liked journalist Tomasz Rożek.

Promotion of publishing series constantly involves the need to realize sales at the lowest possible CPS cost. In addition to a group of fans, we test outreach to new TGs based on interest, behavioral and lookalike groups based on various sources. We take advantage of Tomasz Rożek's recognition in all possible ways: videos promoting the new series, publishing collections, carousels with photos of the book's contents, or product image swaps in Google Ads for phrases like children's books. We are also adding TikTok and Pinterest Ads to the mediamix.