for PlanRadar

PlanRadar is a provider of construction, property and facilities management software. It offers a digital task management, communication and reporting tool that is used by more than 120,000 users in over 75 countries, eliminating paperwork and increasing project productivity.

PlanRadar is another foreign brand that we are pleased to introduce to the Polish market. We combine lead-gen campaigns with on- and off-site SEO activities to effectively reach the service's potential audience (construction developers, architects and construction managers). Acquisition activities are focused around selected key phrases in Google and Bing Ads, as well as native forms on LinkedIn and Facebook. We set budgets at the campaign level (CBO) to get out of the learning phase faster. DCO (dynamic content optimization), on the other hand, allows us to test a number of creatives faster. We implement the awareness part of the campaign with an ebook aimed at the industry.