for Yerbador

Yerbador specializes in the production and sale of Yerba Mate, a beverage derived from the leaves of the Paraguayan holly plant. Their products are certified organic and organically grown, and the company itself is recommended by celebrities such as Magda Gessler, Ewa Wachowicz and Piotr Zyla.

We start our cooperation with Yerbador by auditing the existing operations and listing a list of changes to be made.What worked and is worth leaving behind, and what needs to be implemented in terms of improving all ROAS components.Yerbador's website has undergone a major facelift, landing pages dedicated to collaborating celebrities have been put up, and social proof is being created by us with a carousel of customer reviews collected from all over the web.On mobile, an anchored bar with the product price and CTA button was additionally added to the product pages.

The correct naming of the campaign makes it easier for us to carry out ongoing optimization work, and there are a lot of them, wanting to push the Yerbador brand to the leader on the Polish market, and in the next step to conquer foreign markets. To this end, we use regular tests of creations, optimization strategies and landing pages. In PLA, on the other hand, we create product doubles to fill the volume of queries and replace product images with those of celebrities, thus raising the CTR on search engine listings.

The sales potential is huge, so we drink Yerbador and get to work!